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Pretty DARN UGLY!!!

James Wilson

This looks very interesting and I want to find out more about it


I suspect the image quality was likely to have been quite superior to YouTube.


Awesome. Sandy - who commented "pretty darn ugly!!!" - your dumb as fuck


Sorry, but SCOPITONE came second. The first video Juke box was invented and realized in Italy. After came the scopitone, and together are gone in US.


Wow! An MTV jukebox. There was a vision in the 60s. Very cool.


By the way, spetts, it's spelt "you're".
(Misspelling insults targeted at someone elses intelligence does not exactly make them more effective)

Doctress Julia

Actually, thrawn, it's "spelled", not "spelt". Spelt is a kind of flour. lol!

JB Pink

Ah, such great memories of a Scopitone jukebox. I grew up in the US Army and one of the major pluses was living in other countries. In 1961 - 1964 we lived in Spain & England. And it was in England that I watched my first "video" on a video jukebox. Whoa! What a concept - watching the artist sing their song in an entertaining (hopefully) format. I was disappointed when we came back to the states and everyone was saying, "What are you talking about?". Yeah, Rick Nelson sang songs on the family TV show, Ozzie & Harriet, but he just sang - no entertaining activity to go with it. Leave it to the Beatles to run with the idea. Oh, yeah, it was great living in England when Beatlemania hit there a year before it hit the states. jbpink

Joe Sullivan

I worked for the Telesign company on 47th street in Chicago in the early '60s. We were to manufacture the product but I didn't stay with the firm. The first unit to arrive came with all french films that were XXX. I can't recall the name of the man who owned the company. I know that he was Jewish and he had one hell of a temper.

Telesign's main business was making advertising signs for Anheiser Busch and Standard Oil among others.

Joe SUllivan Indianapolis, IN

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