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ok how do you view these things
when you click the link this is what comes up
what is that but just another webpage
and if you right click and save it as a "target" to ones desktop it is unplayable
go back to your old site it was better or tell us how to play the files


they're quicktime files- same as they always were-

try dumping your cache or something- sounds like it might be looking for something on the old site somehow-

Or it might be because I'm just switching it over so things might be funky for the next 48 hours or so

or try this url instead-


instead of www.scopitones.com

The old site is history so get into this one. And be nice.


Larry Lloyd

This is my favorite Scopitone, because the song is so lovely, and there are no corny gimmicks.

Francoise Hardy is stunningly beautiful here, and she's still around! Check Wikipedia and go to her website!

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