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Larry Cutrone

For Jerry Hatton: I'll never forget some of the shows we did for my cousin The Trail Master Tony Cee. I'm so sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to Smokey. I just found out today. You probably know Tony passed away a few years back. Smokey was one of the greats and his band that included you Jerry were tops! Sincerely, Larry Cutrone www.larrycutrone.com

Wally Parks

Hi Jerry,if you can remember a place in Staten Island called the Colony Club.My father Chet Parks owned this place in the 60's.I played the drums I was 11 at the time .My brother Johnny played lead guitar.We had Hank and Gean Thomas working for us at the time.Smokey and Dottie and the rest of your band played Jersey and would stop in time to time.We both played the Mountain Dew gigs at Palisades Park.What a time that was.Also Harvey taught me to play steel.Well that's a little history.Chet Parks is 83 and doing fine.We both live in Florida.My brother Johnny lives in North Carolina.We play for a hobby now but still enjoy the music.Hope to hear from you Wally Parks.PS Just a note The lady I called Aunt Roselie was Roseilie Allen.She was related to my mother Mary Parks Roseilie and Ellton Britt also appeared in my Dads club.

Rev. Jerry Caterino (New York's Country Cop---Jerry James)

Hello Jerry Hatton,

Came across this site looking for Smokey Warren info - We had some great times together - I truly enjoyed working countless times with you and Smokey's band.
Would love to hear from you - 845-398-1114

Best regards,
Jerry James

Terry C Headrick

Jerry, My uncle the Late Harvey Reynolds really liked you. He said you came to see hime in knoxville. I live in Seymour and now have Harvey's Steel Guitars, Even the one in the picture. We have a trunk full of pictures he took on tour with Smokey Warren and Even have a master 16track reel to reel tape he didn't have mixed down. The tape was made I believe in 1998 The person who owned the equipment died and his wife sold it. Looking for someone who could mix 16 tracks down to cd. Harvey wrote an autobiography that as yet isn't published. The idea was to publish the book along with the cd at the same time. I live in Seymour TN, .Many Regards for being a friend to My Uncle Harvey..
Terry Headrick

Patrick Murphy

My dad Whitey Murphy played with Smokey and Shorty at the Copa Club and I'm trying to find out if anyone has ome old pictures or videos from the early days. My dad passed away in 2005 and I would like to show his grandchildren more about my dad's early years.

Thanks Patrick Murphy


Dear Jerry,

My name is Patrick Murphy. I am trying to find any infomation about my dad Whitey Murphy. I have a video of my dad playing with you at the Route 1 flea market. I am trying to find some old pictures or video from his days at the Copa Club and other venues from the 60's and 70's. If you know of anyone I could contact I would be greatful for any help. I have two son's that did not get to see my dad sing and would like to pass on anything to help them learn more about their grandfather. My dad passed away in 2005.

Thank you.

Kindest regards,

Patrick Murphy

darlene anderson

HI I love all of the mountian dew boys smokey and shortie and harvey and of course my uncle jerry whom I have not seen in 28 years I remember back when I was 5 years old
palisdsades amesument park I was there every week end oh yes Dottie may

Floyd Merchant

Re Patrick Murphy's post, I drove Whitey home after a couple of his gigs at the Copa Club approx 50 years ago. He used to like to perform a song I composed.

I met him about 6 years ago in Jersey City, but due to the passage of years and the small amount of contact we had back then, he didn't remember me. We struck up a new, but very casual acquaintance.

I was sort of a country western hanger on, singing a little myself but not able to play an instrument. I did a fair imitation of Coy McDaniels. I had something to do with booking Elton Britt into the Washington Arena cow palace back in those years--3.2 beer, yuk.

Patrick Murphy

Hi Floyd,

Thanks for responding to my post. You wouldn't happen to have any pictures of my Dad from the Copa days?

John Crowley

Hi Jerry,
I was looking up Smokey Warren and came accross this site. I remember playing with you and Smokey at the Mountain Dew Palisades Park talent shows. I was from Queens at that time and often played 'Just Walk on By' as my choice of songs. I believe Mac Davis was on one of those shows.
I live in PA now and just read in the local papers that a 'Smokey Warren' was one of several modified race car champions back in 1977 at a local track. I was trying to establish if this was the same Smokey Warren that I knew. Didn't know he race cars (if it the Smokey I know).


My late father, Loy Gordon, played with Smokey a few times. He played guitar, steel guitar, and sang.

He also played a few of those Mountain Dew shows at Palisades Park. One night he and my sister, Robin, sang a duet to the song "Why Can't We Be Like Story Book Children". Robin won a 6-pack of Mountain Dew! It might have been a 12 pack. I'm sure she will correct me if I'm wrong because I'm going to send her a link to this great website.

My dad also had a regular gig in the late 60's-early 70's at a night club in Bayonne, NJ, called Kowsikowski's (may be misspelled).

But New Jersey was never the place for a real cowboy from Ohio. He took off for Las Vegas but wound up dying on stage in the middle of a song in Miami, of all places.
You can't stay on a movin' horse while swillin' whiskey.

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